3D Projection Mapping Oregon

3D projection and Product mapping Oregon

Projection Mapping implies the use of projection technology through lights or graphic projections to change the perception of an object in terms of its colour, shape and orientation. It is quite similar to video mapping or spatial augmented reality. Projection mapping needs a surface like a wall, building or road where images are created and displayed for the audience. These surfaces are also used to display videos and dynamic illustrations in the form of two, three or four dimensions. The earliest use of projection mapping can be traced to their application in theme parks, specifically in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, where a projected video was displayed on the heads of the statue to create an illusion that the statues were ghosts.

Today, projection mapping is no longer limited to being used in theme parks and for fun activities. Instead, it has become quite a critical realm of operations specifically in domains like construction, architecture and interior designing. Thanks to 3D project mapping, today’s real estate buyers can walk through their home design before they build it. Projection mapping finds its application in versatile other domains as well, namely automobiles, food and beverage, manufacturing and many more. It is used for a variety of goals like training, exhibition, advertising, product launch, and publicity.

Projection Mapping Portland Oregon

The growth of projection mapping and its use in Oregon has been phenomenal. More and more projection mapping companies are being actively involved by businesses to help them achieve a distinguishing edge in different operations. Be it training, advertising, product launch or exhibition and events, businesses are using mapping to stand out amidst competition. In a recent project in Portland, Oregon, a projection mapping company combined their 3D projection mapping with an interactive drawing interface to make dynamic living arts out of inanimate

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