So you’ve decided to add project mapping to add some flair to your event, but now you’re left with making the decision of installing 2D or 3D projection mapping. In order to make the best decision, you need to be informed about the pros and cons of each type and get to know what each can offer in the context of your company. Both techniques have value and can provide a different experience.

2D Projection
2D projection is the traditional way of projection. It is the process of projecting an image onto a flat surface like a screen or a wall. You can use this technology to bring a storefront to life, for example. You can have a moving image on the wall to promote your business.

3D Projection
On the other hand, 3D projection systems project content onto 3D objects. With 3D projection equipment, you are able to produce different effects, such as changing the colour of an entire car, or a wedding cake during the ceremony.

One main consideration you should make when deciding between the two is the cost. You’ll need to determine your budget and stick with it. 3D services cost more than 2D services because of the amount of preparation and work it takes. And 3D projecting is a lot more complex in nature.

We’re sure you’ve painstakingly picked the perfect venue for your event, so having the correct space for 2D or 3D projection is crucial. Technically, you could use 3D projection mapping for small objects or spaces. But its ultimate success depends upon the architectural elements of your venue. If your venue only has flat surfaces with no columns or windows or other points of interest, it could make for a boring projection. This does not provide objects for the 3D projection to wrap around and transform. If this is the case, you might want to stick with 2D projection mapping.

With all event planning, there are certain deadlines that you need to meet, especially once you know the date for the event itself. Your lead time, or lack of one, can help you understand whether a 2D or 3D option is best for you. In general, a small projection mapping project will take up to six weeks before it is ready. If you’d like a more complex projection, this will take even longer.

Once you have run your first event with projection mapping, you will better understand its successes and limitations, whether that be with 2D or 3D mapping. You should also do your research in finding a company with proven experience like Above Mapping in order to ensure your event is a big hit.