An immersive 3D projection experience doesn’t just elevate business presentations or large scale weddings to the next level. No matter what you use it for, or where, it brings the experience to life. If you are a gaming junkie, use it in your living room or a commercial entertainment area for a more immersive, unforgettable experience. Play it on a television or computer monitor, or use it for a larger game tournament that draws in everyone with its sharp quality.

The augmented reality gaming system turns blank walls, floors, the objects around it into interactive pixels that transforms into the gaming world. Users can chase monsters, soldiers, stamp out bugs and explore outer space with your friends. Once the projector is on, it’s easy to forget the real world and get immersed in the interactive virtual experience.

RoomAlive from Microsoft
RoomAlive is an example of a 3D projection virtual gaming experience that is the next big thing from Microsoft. The dynamic gaming experience transforms the area into a lifelike, interactive playing area. With just a projector, a Kinect camera and a computer (called node), users can interact with gaming objects to create a mesmerizing augmented reality experience. Simply attach the node to the ceiling to create a 3D projection in your living area, a children’s playroom or bedroom. It automatically detects the walls and floors of the room to convert them into interactive surfaces in real-time.

3D projection gaming experiences makes the room responsive when users touch the surfaces, just like a touchscreen. It tracks the movements in real-time with projectors equipped with tracking sensors. Through parallax technology that use 2D projections that mimic 3D projections, the technology allows two or more people in a room to experience the gaming perspective and play against each other. Users can compete together with infrared guns or fight with robots using an Xbox controller. There are various games to choose from, all of which offer a fully immersive, futuristic experience.

Users can touch, stomp, dodge, shoot, blast and steer through fascinating 3D gaming environments that seamlessly blend into the physical world. Every square inch of the room the projector is in turns into a pixel for display and input, with no extra effort from the user. As players move around, the technology tracks the head position and renders a projection for the users to view and play with.

Above Mapping
Our creative technology studio in Toronto offers a wide variety of 3D projection experiences from mapping to gaming, augmented reality and more, bringing imagination to life. Our experts combine art and technology to create memorable and unique experiences for your audience all over the world. For immersive gaming experiences for entertainment purposes, call Above Mapping for the technology. Our experts will set up the area for you and make it an event or experience that elevates it to an unforgettable level.