As a kid, we were always mesmerized with the graphics, visual effects and motion graphics which we witnessed in the cartoons and animation movies we watched. These catapulted us into a world of imagination where anything was possible. Even though we mostly watched them in a 2D version, the magic of visual effects, motion effects and graphics never ceased to impress us. Today’s animation and graphics technology has advanced beyond our imagination. The advent of 3D effects, lifelike projections, realistic visual and motion graphics have not only disrupted the way our animated movies and cartoons are made but have also thinned the line between reality and imagination. The application of 3D projection is no longer limited to creating awe-inspiring visuals for entertainment. Today, it has become an inspiration for several businesses who are harnessing the power of 3D projection mapping for many functions.

Product launch

One of the most basic applications of 3D projection mapping is in a product launch. Many companies today, especially technology companies, use several 3D projection mapping techniques to create a real-life, large sized simulation experience to launch their product and let their followers know what the product is about and how it works.


3D projection mapping is a huge hit at corporate events, gatherings, conferences and exhibitions. Not only does it project your company’s product with grandeur, but also sparks significant interest in your company and a particular product you are presenting through the 3D projection. It is not an exaggeration to claim that many visitors will remember your brand name solely because you created a grand and unique 3D projection mapping experience.


Especially relevant to the manufacturing sector, many big companies are employing 3D projection techniques to give on-the-job training. Whether it is training a new employee or training an old employee on a new technology or process, 3D project mapping derives several business benefits when it comes to training. First, you just need to create a single 3D projection mapping routine which can train several people at the same time. Second, as it is so realistic, training becomes more effective, and third, you can reuse the same projections for more than one batch of employees.


Project mapping is an excellent choice for branding. Whether you are looking to launch a brand, establish a brand identity or establish your business as a brand, project mapping can help. The flexibility and creativity that 3D projection mapping offers have enabled several brands to establish their presence in the most unconventional places. Case-in-point, BMW’s Joy3D campaign which used projection mapping to transform busy office buildings of Suntec City into a symbol of joy, while the brand showed each of their cars in the form of a projection on the buildings.


Construction, architecture and interiors are the three sectors which can benefit the most from 3D projection mapping. Imagine having a 3D life-like simulation of your construction plan and presenting it to a client. It can do wonders to your business. Interior designers can walk their clients (literally) through a visual representation of their interior plans.

When it comes to using 3D projection for your business, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a reliable and creative 3D projection partner to fulfil your vision and build pertinent illusions. Above Mapping, our Toronto based creative technology studio specializes in projection mapping, architectural projections and interactive and dynamic projection mapping. Talk to us today to know how we can help your business grow.