Projection mapping is an innovative art technology that has been used to project images onto stages and buildings. This state-of-the-art technology was so innovative and advanced in the entertainment and architecture industries that this technology has now been revolutionizing the medical field.

Projection mapping is changing the way medical operations and education works. Read on to learn more about how it is propelling the industry forward and changing the medical field.

1. Solving Liver Issues with Projection Mapping

Resections are often performed on patients that have liver cancer to control bleeding and maintain healthy liver function. In the past, resections were far more complicated, as there are no marked indicators outside of the liver to identify where to cut. Although the surgeon is able to locate the tumour itself by the CT scans, having the inability to know where to cut can make the operation increasingly difficult. With the introduction of projection mapping to the medical field, resections have become far more efficient. Simulations are conducted prior to the actual surgery by analyzing 3D images of the liver. Using very high definition 3D visualizations, preoperative simulation can ensure a smooth, effective surgery.

2. Vein Mapping

Projection mapping technology is being used for vein mapping. Vein mapping allows nurses to more easily identify the location of veins in someone’s arm, which ultimately improves their efficiency when drawing blood. Projection mapping can locate the vein by capturing hemoglobin in the blood. The information that is gathered is then projected into a vein map and back into the area of the arm being examined. Using near-infrared technology, projection mapping projects images of the veins onto the skin. People with smaller veins have struggled with blood drawings for years and are often left with painful bruising. Vein mapping can minimize these risks and make it far easier and more comfortable for patients.

3. Medicine Education

Projection mapping is transforming the way medical students learn about and examine the human body. 3D projections of the human body are being used for medical studies and education to allow students to closely interact with the human body, learning about all of its functions. This allows students to have a much closer, more realistic look at the human body from its muscles, skeleton, and other important anatomical data in real time. Providing more detail than what a 2D text or image can, projection mapping displays processes in action, for example, the mapping can show how food digests through the body. It can also show layers of muscle tissue and how they are connected to the bone.

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