A few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine creating an alternate scenery or visuals in a setting, that seem lifelike. Although graphics had evolved by then, the range of 3D illusions that video projection mapping can create was something beyond imagination. Video projection mapping can transform any object into a screen. With this ability, it becomes easy to transform a real-world object, like your building wall, and turn them into a spectacular sight.

Today, video projection mapping has become a recognized art form, thanks to the magnificent and noteworthy examples created by many leading video projectionists. Be it a music festival set, a product launch, or any kind of show. Here are a few examples of how video projections are used in many interesting ways.

In a rather innovative example of project mapping, a leading Japanese art collective company used projection mapping technology to create an illusionary magical world at the Digital Art Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo. This visualization involved many different concepts and scenes which flowed in amalgamation to project what they termed as one ‘borderless’ world. This illusion was created in a vast, 10,000 square metre space and was brought to life using 520 computers and 470 projectors.

In 2017, the Edinburgh International Festival celebrated their 70th anniversary with a spectacular opening that had a massive floral explosion of colour, texture and sound on the buildings. The event named as ‘Bloom’ was projected for two nights and ran on a 20-minute loop.

Harrods’ Fabergé egg
Labelled as one of the world’s brightest projection mapping show a global design consultancy collaborated with a projection company to create a massive 360-degree mapped 3D installation to illuminate the windows of world-famous department store Harrods. This was for showcasing their new line of jewellery designs. The installation projected the company’s pendant designs – which were 1/100th of the size of the 1.5m model – and also incorporated an interactive touchscreen wherein consumers could get additional details related to the product.

The Battersea Power Station
The Battersea Power Station invited a leading UK based company who specializes in projection mapping to create an impactful visual experience to spread awareness regarding the iconic power station’s redevelopment. To create a visual spectacle for this event 360,000 lumens of immersive visuals were projected which narrated the building’s past, present and future story.

Sydney Opera house-Lighting the sails
The famous Jørn Utzon’s inspiration for Sydney Opera House’s iconic shell roof was brought to life when a projection mapping company created an illusion of roofs appearing as fabric ship sails, undulating in the wind. The projections are captivating, particularly for its clever interplay between in the interior and exterior, and the seminal 555 Kubik.

Projection mapping is a great way to engage, delight and inform. No matter what your objective is, it is possible to completely transform your event’s design by introducing projection mapping. Whether you are thinking of using projection mapping in your next event or just curious to know how you can harness the power of projection mapping, talk to Above Mapping. Their team will be happy to provide you with creative ideas on how project mapping can be used for your business and events.