3D Projection Mapping Chicago

Projection mapping involves the use of projection technology through lights or graphic projections to change the perception of an object in terms of their shape, size, colours, and dimensions. It is often compared to video mapping or spatial augmented reality. Projection mapping needs a flat surface like a wall, building or road on which imagery is created through technology and projectors. The images are mostly dynamic and can be two, three, or four-dimensional.

Although projection mapping was used in several instances before, one of the earliest applications can be traced to the year 1980, when installation artist Michael Naimark filmed several people interacting with objects in a living room and then separately projected it on a plain wall in a different room creating an illusion that the people and objects were really present.

Projection Mapping Chicago

Today, projection mapping has transpired into an important part of numerous business applications. With the growing popularity in domains like construction, architecture and interior designing, projection mapping is used for many intents by business owners. For instance, thanks to 3D project mapping, today’s real estate buyers can walk their potential clients through their home design even before the real estate is actually built. Even businesses like automobiles, food and beverage, manufacturing and many more are harnessing the power of projection mapping for achieving a variety of goals like training, exhibition, advertising, product launch, and publicity.

The popularity of projection mapping in Chicago is at its peak. It is evident from the fact that a projection mapping company has partnered with a real estate company to use Chicago’s Merchandise Mart (the MART) building as the world’s first ever permanent canvas for projection mapping. Through this partnership, the projection company uses one side of the large building as a canvas to project illusions.

Local Chicago businesses are no way lagging when it comes to harnessing the power of projection mapping. Chicago businesses are using projection mapping in their events, exhibitions, advertising and marketing.

Today, project mapping has found its application in several Chicago based businesses in the form of training tools, product launch props and even as part of the display in their place of business. For instance, a Chicago based projection mapping company created a brand video for a warehouse business. The 3D mapping showed various steps of business which depicted the numerous steps of validation, storage and other milestones that the package goes through, right from when the package arrives at the warehouse to the final delivery. This depiction was to be projected permanently on an allocated canvas wall at the warehouse location as a branding project.