As more businesses adopt digital technology to enhance the consumer experience, you are left with one of two things: watch your competitors race ahead adopting the latest approaches or join the race, leaving your competitors behind.

Earlier, window displays and mannequins attracted consumers into the stores. Then came digital signs. Now, projection mapping is ruling the roost. Global brands such as Adidas, Volkswagen and Nike have used projection mapping to enhance their brand marketing. Are you ready to take your brand to a whole new league? Here’s what you gain:

Projection Mapping in Showrooms
Product purchase has a lot to do with visual appeal. 68% of consumers are said to indulge in impulse in-store purchases without pre-planning. Even simple items are made to look eye-catching in window displays in creative ways to attract customers. Spotlights, breathtaking backdrops, light, colour, and larger-than-life posters are designed to grab the attention of passers-by for an overwhelming visual experience that they feel compelled to respond to.

Projection mapping brings stores and showrooms alive through a larger-than-life immersive visual experience. It adds colour, life and movement on storefronts to engage customers, attract them in and drive sales. It is also a smart, spectacular way to stand out from your competitors. Projection mapping can be used by malls, car showrooms, premium boutiques or product stores to make your store look more exciting in a way that’s hard to ignore.

Take Brands to an Impressive Hi-Tech Level
Projection mapping was earlier projected on a flat surface, much like a television screen, to create a cinematic effect. However, modern technology has gone a step beyond. The projected images can wrap around any surface including curved, textured, coloured surfaces such as storefronts, walls, floors, ceilings, mannequins and furniture.

The technology can give you the competitive edge by making your company appear tech-savvy. What you need is the right experts to know how to produce the customized effects for you. In the wrong hands, the creative approach fails to impress, leaving a dent in your investment. The content needs to be creative, relevant, fresh and eye-catching.

Above Mapping, Toronto
Create innovative approaches with our projection mapping experts at Above Mapping. We work closely with our clients to bring brands to life, combining technology with art to create a memorable and unique experience to attract your audience. Call our creative technology studio to know how to navigate this impressive trend.