When people think about projection mapping, they think about how it has been used to elevate architectural and retail spaces. While projection mapping is still a new and developing technology, it can be used for practically any application within the medical industry.

Below, we highlight some of the ways that projection mapping can and will change the medical field.

Projection Mapping in Medicine: Education

One of the most impactful ways that projection mapping can change the medical fields is by changing the ways in which students learn about the body. 3D projections can be used for medical education by allowing students to interact closely with a visualization of the human body. Because of its interactive nature, 3D projection mapping allows instructors to illustrate clinical reasoning and give students the opportunity to see things in real-time. If there are any areas that they are having difficulty understanding, the lesson can be rewound or slowed down for closer analysis. 3D projection is a great tool for instructors because they are able to provide students with a more detailed and thorough understanding of the body than what 2D texts offer. Oftentimes, textbooks are not enough for students to learn effectively with small pictures and difficult to understand diagrams.

Projection Mapping in Medicine: Vein Mapping

Another way that projection mapping can be used within the medical industry is vein mapping. Vein mapping helps nurses better locate the veins in a patient’s arm, improving their abilities to draw blood. For many years, patients that have small veins have had issues with blood donations and drawings that have resulted in painful bruises and marks. With vein mapping, nurses can reduce the discomfort and frustration that their patients experience.

Projection Mapping in Medicine: Operations and Procedures

Certain surgeries are complex and difficult to perform, which means that the surgeon has to not only be steady-handed, but extremely focused. For this reason, many hospitals have been looking for new technologies like projection mapping to simplify surgeries and reduce the likelihood of complications. As of today, there are a number of procedures where this technology has already made a difference in patients’ lives. An example of this is catheters.

The Future of Projection Mapping in Medicine?

Projection mapping has been used in hospitals to make patients’ stays easier, but in what other ways can this technology be used within the medical industry?

Projection mapping can help to reduce any anxieties that patients may have about their surgeries by allowing doctors and surgeons to give them accurate visualizations of the process before it even happens.

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