With projection mapping, you have the ability to create amazing effects on untraditional backdrops that add new dimensions and depth to any project. When people think about projection mapping, they think about all the intricacies that go into it and assume that there is an astronomical price tag to match. We are here to tell you that this is not the case, and projection mapping can be done on any budget. Below, we give you tips on how you can do more while spending less with your next projection mapping project.

The first thing you should have before you begin your projection mapping project is to have a plan and a solid budget. Not having a plan will set you back, as it will be difficult to pinpoint what it is that you want to achieve. A budget is important because your project will be led by it, or in other cases, it will be led by the project.

Either way, it is crucial that you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your projections, including what you want to project, where you want to project, and what financial and physical resources that you will have access to. If you’re not clear where to begin, first ask yourself whether you would prefer 2D or 3D projections. When you are clear on what your vision is, you can begin planning your budget accordingly.

Flat Surfaces

One of the most expensive things about projection mapping lies with what you are projecting on. It costs significantly more to project on multiple angles.

Think Small

Projection mapping doesn’t have to always be on a big scale. Depending on what you would like to project, who your audience is, and the type of event, you can project on a wide variety of things, such as cakes and sculptures. Most objects and surfaces that are white can be turned into your own personal canvas for you to project on.

Small, Yet Effective Graphics

Content plays a big role in how much you will spend on projection mapping. Intricate, out-of-this-world animation can get expensive quickly. In the project mapping realm, subtly is underrated and you should use that to your advantage. Instead of going for over the top animations, you could opt for modest textures and images of water or fire. Those simple, yet effective images can be from stock libraries for a small fee. Put the in a powerpoint loop and you’ll be ready to go.

For all of your 3D projection mapping needs, contact us at Above Mapping. We make it our priority to help you bring your visions and ideas to life with our multitude of services. Your project is special to you and we make it our priority to treat your ideas with care to take them to the next level.