3D Projection Mapping Florida

Projection mapping involves the use of projection technology through lights or graphic projections to change the perception of an object. Perceptual change may include changes in colour, shape or orientation. Projection mapping is quite similar to video mapping or spatial augmented reality and requires a flat surface like a wall, building or road on which images are created and displayed for the spectators. These images can be two, three or four dimensional. One of the earliest uses of projection mapping can be traced back to theme parks. In Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, where a much simpler form of projection mapping was first used, a projected video was displayed on the heads of the statues to create an illusion that the statues were ghosts.

Today, projection mapping has become an important part of numerous business applications. This includes in industries like construction, architecture and interior designing. Thanks to 3D project mapping, today’s real estate buyers can walk their potential clients through their home design even before the real estate is actually built. Projection mapping finds its application in different other domains as well. These include automobiles, food and beverage, manufacturing, and many more. Projection mapping is being utilized for achieving a variety of goals like training, exhibition, advertising, product launch, and publicity by small and big businesses alike.

Projection Mapping and Rendering Florida

One of the most popular applications of projection mapping in Florida is the use of projection mapping at a Florida Gators game created by a local projection mapping company. The idea was to create a visual projection of everything that the team stands for. Right from statistics to their mascots, every image was created using projection mapping technology for the audiences. This projection mapping project used several sophisticated 3D projectors combined with Pandora Box’s manager to create virtual alligators, dozens of NCAA and SEC championship banners, athletes’ pictures and important statistic data on the court. It was a visual treat for not just Florida Gator fans but also the general audiences.

Today, Florida businesses are not just using projection mapping in their events, exhibitions, advertising or marketing. They have evolved and are using it for goals like training, product launches, etc. Local Florida businesses are using projection mapping to be competitive. For instance, a local projection mapping company from Florida created a unique, 360 streamed room for sick children at a local hospital to give them an opportunity to experience the world. Using a 12-foot muslin fabric, numerous projectors and a specially written code, the company created real-life like experiences where the kids witnessed adventures like scuba diving, interacting with monkeys, digging up dinosaur fossils, and running along wild horses.