3D Projection Mapping New York

Projection mapping involves the use of projection technology through lights or graphic projections to change the perception of an object like colour, shape or orientation. Although it is quite similar to video mapping or spatial augmented reality, projection mapping requires a flat surface like a wall, building or road on which images are created and displayed for the audience. These images can be two, three or four dimensional.

One of the earliest examples of projection mapping was in the 1967 TV movie Magical Mystery Tour. In this movie during a particular scene, images were projected onto George Harrison, which included a cat’s face and a headless male torso to create an illusion.

Today, projection mapping is no longer limited to being used in movies. Instead, it has become quite a critical technique for a variety of business applications in industries like construction, architecture and interior designing. Thanks to 3D project mapping, today’s real estate buyers can walk through their home design before they actually build it. Projection mapping finds its application in different other domains as well, like automobiles, food and beverage, manufacturing and many more. It is used for achieving a variety of goals like training, exhibition, advertising, product launch, and publicity.

3D Projection Mapping New York

One of the most popular applications of projection mapping in New York is the Flash: Light NYC event which was a part of the ‘Festival of Ideas for the New York City’s New Museum.’ This project brought together numerous artists from around New York on a single platform to create a nighttime art environment at various site-specific installations for the historic NoLita neighbourhood through a series of workshops. The technology and lighting used in this illusion enabled more than 5,000 New Yorkers to witness a spectacular 3D projection setup inside the

St-Patrick’s Cathedral and on the 175 feet tall New Museum exterior. This project has been labelled one of the tallest projection mapping illusions to date in NYC.

Today, businesses are approaching projection mapping companies more than ever to help them achieve a distinguishing edge in different operations. Whether it is marketing, training, advertising, product launches, events or exhibition, businesses are using projection mapping to be competitive. In a famous project in New York, a projection mapping artist transformed an otherwise whitewashed windowless side of a building into a six-storey canvas to depict an enormous video of a dancing monkey by using just a portable generator and a projector strapped to the roof of his car.