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3D Projection Mapping

Our team at Above Mapping uses art and technology to project imagery onto an irregular surface. In addition, our team is capable of Video mapping installations. A traditional video projector can only cover a limited space. At Above Mapping studios, our team is capable of covering a large surface using multiple projectors with our custom built rigs. We are one of the first companies to install a 32 short-throw laser projector video mapping system on an irregular surface.

3D projection mapping execution - multi-color visuals of faces projected on an old building
Virtual Reality

Our team can develop a software for your business to allow your users to become interactive with your product or service. VR (Virtual Reality) isolates the user within the environment and generates realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment or create an imaginary setting.


2D/3D animation is the perfect medium for letting your creativity loose. With our animation studio, our team can help you with any project you may have that can be made better with the use of professional animators and high performance equipment/software.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are commonly used in marketing to inform customers about the different features of a product. At Above Mapping, our team combines pieces of animation and audio to create a creative and informative experience for your audience. See animation for 3D animated products.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Commonly used in interactive multimedia, TV and film, our expert team at Above Mapping is familiar with multiple software’s that can combine both digital footage and animation to compose a film with visual effects.

Demonstration of visual effects - male doing a flip on a skatboard with color visual effects emerging
Video Editing

Above Mapping takes your raw video footage, manipulates and rearranges it to create a creative and unique final product. With our inhouse high performance computers, we can render your footage quickly and efficiently.

Creative And Intricate Led Lighting

At Above mapping we do more than just projection mapping and animated content. Our expert team has the ability to set up intricate and creative LED lighting fixtures. These LED’s can be controlled through software or any number of DMX fixtures. The software can feed them with creative content or generative materials. Add an audio reactive input and the LED lighting setup can blink by the beat. These setups are customized for our client’s needs, providing your audience with a creative, unique and memorable experience using art and technology.

 projection mapping - Interactive led lighting demonstration inside building tunnel
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