If you’ve been to a music festival, public event or a massive product launch within the last five years, then you’ve probably already experienced it.

3D projection mapping, a.k.a. spatial augmented reality, is a relatively new art form that turns everyday objects into an interactive visual experience. It has recently gained more and more traction in the event industry and art community because of its ability to completely transform an ordinary landscape into something spectacular.

What exactly is 3D projection mapping?
Projection mappers utilize everyday video projectors to project 3D motion graphics in real-time onto objects ranging from buildings and cars to nature and people. This video projection technology is different in the way that it is designed to not only project on flat surfaces but also to wrap around objects. Hence selecting a “canvas” is often the first step in a projection mapping project.

A projection mapping software is then used to spatially map the canvas and calculate the brightness level, pixel density and shadows needed to give a rich and realistic display. Surround sound is often paired to transport the audience and provide an immersive experience.

There are several different types of 3D projection mapping.

  • Architectural Video Mapping– projections are placed on the exterior of architectural structures such as buildings or bridges
  • Object Video Mapping– projections are placed on other forms such as cubes, trees or cars
  • Interior Projection Mapping– indoor 3D projection mapping on walls of the venue such as inside a cathedral
  • Full Dome Projections– when projections are mapped on all surfaces inside the venue

How much does 3D projection mapping cost?
The project’s total cost varies depending on your creative lengths, size of the canvas, and the specialist you choose. It’s essential also to consider the cost of video production, logistics and on-site engineers as well.

Choosing the right projection mapping company for you and your business is essential. The right projection mappers should provide printing solutions suited to your needs, not their own interests. The projection mapping company’s portfolio should give you an idea of their expertise and whether they’re the right match for you.

The versatility and overall remarkable experience of projection mapping are unmatched by any other artforms. As technology advances, there’s no way of telling how projection mapping will grow and push modern art boundaries.

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