As 2020 draws closer, you may want to consider elevating your events to a dynamic new level. 3D projection technology now provides exciting ways to engage your audience and create transformative experiences.

To boost marketing efforts, it is important to cut through the clutter to create an impact in numerous ways that touch a deeper chord with consumers. Here is where 3D projection mapping builds value to your projects. It can build your brand story through powerful visual effects that leave an indelible impression on the mind, involving all five senses. Whether it’s a new vehicle launch or seasonal promotion, car projection elevates engagement to an unforgettable level, driving sales and high ROI.

What is Projection Mapping?

Imagine looking at a static image and it suddenly comes to life. Say your eyes are fixed on a statue on a building, such as a figurine of an angel, and suddenly the wings start to flap. The figurine morphs into a gigantic real life angel that appears to fly from one end of the building to another, convert into an eagle that glides through the tropical forests, taking you on a visual feast of colourful flora, fauna, wildlife, with accompanying music, and then converts back into the static statue, drawing you back into your real world. How fantastic is that? Wouldn’t you look at the statue with new eyes after such an experience? What if the object was your brand product, your car?

This technology that augments reality is what is called 3D projection mapping? It lets event planners create an extraordinary experience. It projects images on 3D surfaces instead of traditionally flat surfaces. You can build the mood with lighting, music and complex fully-mapped videos that project the images on building structures and landscapes.

The lifelike rendering of mundane objects evokes powerful emotions in the audience. The technology is quite popular in concerts, advertising, theatres, indoor and outdoor events, globally. See how car projection mapping can help you create an amazing display.

  • You can combine live motion capture and 3D projection mapping to create a live interaction between the audience and the car.
  • Apply animated design concepts on the vehicles to wow the audience.
  • Create cutting-edge, innovative 3D video projections on cars to transform them into fantastic, futuristic vehicles.
  • Connect with a broader audience by integrating music and entertainment acts.

Hyundai has used the technology in China to make an impact in today’s digital-savvy world. From Europe to Saudi Arabia, car projection mapping has become increasingly popular. Mercedes-Benz was awarded first place at the Septembeam Video Mapping Competition at the Genius Loci Weimar International Videomapping Competition. Other competitors were global brands such as Audi, Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen and KLM. A video mapping show was projected on two Ferrari cars on a stage, impressing the large audience.

Are you ready to drive your auto events to the next level? Above Mapping will make it possible.

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