3D projection mapping technology is rapidly changing the game in many industries, from entertainment to automobile launches, weddings and gaming. Real estate is the new way to go now. Developers and realtors are playing around with virtual reality walk-throughs to help potential home buyers view the finished units from various angles through 3D images.

How 3D Projection Mapping Works

First, you need a 3D camera with high processing power and cloud storage to map the space. Such cameras can be expensive. If you are hesitating to invest just yet, simply hire professionals from 3D projection mapping companies who can help you set it up.

At Above Mapping, we are experts in 3D projection mapping, visual effects, motion graphics, video editing and more. We work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to virtual life, combining technology with creative expertise. We scan 3D images of the units or home from key locations and all angles possible, inside out to create a virtual model that can be viewed from multiple angles. This takes about a couple of hours or more, depending on the size of the home and the scale of the project. The images are uploaded into the Cloud and used to build a 3D map. Once the map is complete, the home seller uploads the scan in the listing. It’s as simple as that! Your clients enjoy a virtual tour that helps them make an informed decision.

The technology is useful for properties under construction as well. There’s no second guessing or confusion about what the home or the apartment building will look like. Customers can view the floorplan of the unit, amenities, the entrance, play area for children, poolside, even visually walk-through different units to check out the view from each one. The process is similar to Google Maps Street View where you can get a 3D view of the entire area with a click of a mouse.

You can arrange group viewings for potential customers at once to save time or enhance the effect with an immersive one-on-one experience. There are two ways to organize the virtual walk-through for your customers.

  • Through an Internet browser.
  • Through a VR headset to create an immersive experience.


Several real estate developers around the world are using 3D projection mapping in the USA to help their clients get a better feel and look of their potential investment, rather than rely on their imagination to assess the outcome of construction. 3D projection mapping is also useful for International investors to view the property when they can’t make the trip.

One of the leading real estate developers in San Francisco, Lumina, has successfully used 3D projection mapping to take their residential sales gallery to new heights, showcasing the sophistication and expansive floor plans of their premium properties to the best effect. The technology allows you to create a simulated 3D environment on a curved wall that is interactive through mobile devices.

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