Dreaming of a fairytale wedding? It all starts with creating a fairytale setting. From your attire to the decor and music, your wedding arrangements should ideally reflect whatever you’ve always aspired it to be. It should be held in the venue that stirs your soul, done up with decor that touches a chord.

Not possible with your time and budget constraints? Yes it is! The innovative new technology, 3D projection mapping, can now bring your wedding dreams to life in the most creative, customized, way. If you wish to transform your static venue to one that moves every single person celebrating your special day with you, learn about the wonders of 3D projection mapping.

What is Projection Mapping?

3D projection mapping helps you transform the venue to any landscape you desire to be in. It uses video projectors to display 3D graphic images but instead of a flat computer screen, the beams can be projected on just about any surface. You can use projection mapping on uneven building surfaces, backgrounds of any colour or texture, even empty space! It is also called video mapping or spatial augmented reality.

Projection mapping is becoming increasingly popular in advertising, concerts, computing, stage settings and now, weddings. Imagine walking down the aisle with numerous doors opening up, leading you into a wonderland that looks straight out of a dream. You could be on a scenic island in Hawaii or taking your vows in the meadows of Switzerland or in an exciting jungle in the middle of Africa with accompanying music to build the ambiance.

The landscape is limited only by your imagination. You can integrate 3D images of absent loved ones into the projections so they appear to be physically there with you. How surreal and moving is that?

The difference between flat screen mapping and projection mapping is that the images are designed to wrap around the structure, contouring their shape so regular surfaces turn into interactive 3D displays, quite like augmented reality.

How does Projection Mapping Work?

Regular high-resolution images are integrated into a 3D graphic model of the surface it will be projected on, in the pre-production stage, so they give the impression of being wrapped around it. It can be used on a larger-than-life scale or a small scale, transforming the venue into a completely different, customized one. The cool technology was first invented and used by Disney, adding a fascinating new visual dimension to their animated works. Now it is used for numerous purposes to make an impact in a novel way.

How projection mapping can transform your wedding

On your wedding day, projection mapping allows guests to not just enjoy a theme but feel like they are a part of it, moving through the scenes. With just a push of a button, a static backdrop gets an enthralling new dimension, making the day not just unforgettable for you and your partner but also everyone present.

The technology can be customized to suit your requirements but does come at a cost. Prices can vary dramatically, depending on the location, creative requirements and technology used. But if you choose the right professionals to help you set it up, you can save a substantial amount. It’s cheaper to project an image of an exotic island in Thailand than to actually fly there for your wedding with your guests. The trick is to keep ideas simple, subtle, yet surreal. At Above Mapping, we can show you how.

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