Event professionals are consistently looking for innovative ways to deliver events. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to retain the attention of the audience and deliver a productive, memorable experience. Attendees are far more interested and captured by a transformative, interactive experience than ever before. Many companies are opting out of traditional forms of projection mapping in favour of 3D projection mapping. Not only is projection mapping an exciting way to engage the audience, it creates an event experience that they will remember without being overwhelmed.

If you’re curious as to how to elevate your events with 3D projection mapping, read on for inspiration and information for your 2020 events.

1. Feature A Welcome Video On Exterior Walls

Many event planners and companies use 3D projection mapping to create outstanding panoramic backdrops to intrigue audiences. Playing a welcome video for the crowd on an exterior wall right at the entrance of the event to welcome guests as they arrive will create a truly immersive and memorable experience. The welcome video can be an introduction to the event and what is to come or a targeted message or animated logo. If the event space being used has a unique aesthetic and architectural design, utilize it and that area to showcase the 3D projection mapping to really capture the attention of your audience.

2. Create 3D Panoramic Backdrops 

You can create the most striking and unique panoramic backdrops for your event with 3D projection mapping. Panoramic backdrops are very effective for events where the venue itself is quite sterile and plain in nature. Transform this dull space into a colourful, aesthetically and visually pleasing design to create an innovative and memorable experience. The panoramic backdrop can be a design of your choosing that can be used to align with your company and event to enhance it.

3. Display Company Products

If you’re hosting a corporate event, such as a product launch or corporate event anniversary, opt-out of transporting product samples to the venue in favour of displaying them via 3D projection mapping. For example, if the event is an auto show, 3D projection companies can develop a realistic 3D image of the vehicles to display at the event for the audience. This allows the audience to change the colour of the vehicle during display or even the model. You can even use interactive activation with 3D projection mapping to allow anyone to embellish the vehicle design, which is highly immersive.

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