If you were looking to produce video content for your brand or business, you probably ran into the issue of deciding between motion graphics or animation. Chances are, you don’t know the difference between the two! If that is the case, that’s alright. This article will hopefully clear up the differences between motion graphics and animation, and help you make the best decision for your needs.

What Are Motion Graphics?
Motion graphics refers to giving static graphic design some motion, but usually without any sort of narrative. If you want some text animated, or your brand logo to move, that is motion graphics. Motion graphics are usually simple and minimalistic in design and consist of bright and bold colours to help it stand out. They are usually eye-catching and attractive and present information in short bursts. The focus of motion graphics is all about presentation and giving small bits of information quickly. Motion graphics are best used in:

  • Animated commercials
  • Music videos
  • Movie credits

What Is Animation?
Animation is an umbrella term that refers to any technique that makes static graphics and images move. Animation can be anything from hand-drawn cartoons to claymation, or CGI and everything in between.

In terms of marketing videos, motion graphics is separate from any other types of animation based on its content. Things like making text or other graphics move is “animation” but more specifically a type of motion graphics.

An animation is different because it is an art form that focuses on bringing a narrative to life using cinematic effects and storytelling techniques.

Here’s a better example: if your video simply sets some graphics in motion to convey a point, then it is called motion graphics. But if your video follows a character through an emotional journey, that is called animation. Animation is used for describing stories and bringing characters to life. While motion graphics, on the other hand, simply bring data or other information to life.

Since animation takes more creativity and can be many different forms, it tends to be more expensive than motion graphics, which are easier to produce.

How Do You Know Which One Is Right For You?
Videos, in general, are a great choice of content for your business. Videos do quite well on the internet with many different audiences and yield better engagement, traffic and conversions than other types of content. You need to pick the right type of video to produce that aligns best with your brand.

Use motion graphics when…

  • You are outlining/emphasizing facts
  • Not telling a story
  • You want to break down complex services and products in an easily digestible way

Use other animation techniques when…

  • If you want to highlight emotional aspects of a story
  • If you need to connect with your audience on an emotional level
  • You want to use a story to help foster a deeper connection between you and your target audience

No matter which you choose, you are on the right track to creating more engaging content for your audience! Contact Above Mapping today for all your animation needs today!