If you have ever visited Disney World or have witnessed buildings light up with mesmerizing colours and patterns that are woven through a series of carefully projected lights, you have experienced the joy of projection mapping. Projection mapping is a technology that uses projectors to transform any object or surface into a canvas for incredible illuminations. With the growing popularity of projection mapping, many businesses today harness the power of this technology to achieve business, advertising and branding goals. If you are wondering what makes projection mapping so popular, here are the top reasons to use projection mapping.

No flat screen needed

One best thing about projection mapping is its versatility. Projection mapping does not need the entire projector and screen apparatus. Just bring the projector along and projection mapping can be achieved just as creatively even on a wall. What this means is that companies can focus on what they want to project instead of altering their decisions based on the availability of a flat screen. Anything right from a building to a basketball court can be transformed into a canvas for projection mapping.

3D imagery

Nothing makes illustrations as real as three-dimensional display and projection mapping has capabilities to create 3D images and videos. By projecting a 3D image, companies can enhance a surface and make it look realistic instead of simply distorting it. If you have ever watched an NBA half-time, you may have already seen how the court appears to display videos, appear to collapse, interacts with anyone standing on it or even manages to transport the image of the arena to a different location. All these engaging experiences are possible only because of the 3D ability of these projectors.


Imagine having to haul a large LED panel every time you need to create a projection! Sounds exhausting. Thankfully, with contemporary 3D project mapping projectors, you can easily haul the compact projectors to multiple locations and create your projection mapping. Companies that travel to several locations to attend events, participate in conferences and exhibitions find this flexibility of projection mapping especially useful.

Continuous usage

Imagine creating a series of illustrations for your audience using physical objects, decorations and props. Once you have used them, you will have to either store the props and decorations and use it for some other event, throw them away or sell them. With projection mapping, you can create imagery and use it several times or even change it for your next event. No hassle of physically managing a prop.

Creating a distinction

Projection mapping is colourful, artistic and has boundless possibilities when it comes to creating visuals. You can harness your creativity without limits to project whatever unique ideas you may have. You can create an entirely new set of images and video for every project you want. No other technology can allow you the flexibility and scope for redesign as projection mapping does.

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