There’s something magical about Christmas. From Santa riding on a sleigh from the North Pole to sparkling Christmas trees, colourful gifts, Christmas carols and beautifully lit up buildings, each one trying to compete with the other to captivate shoppers, with lights and creative decorations, the charm of the festival is hard to beat. In all the glitz and glitter, how do you make your brand stand out? Here’s a new technique that beats the others – use 3D projection mapping on your building!

How 3D Projection Works
3D mapping technology gives a whole new dimension to the art of storytelling using virtual image display on building structures. The cinematic effect is impossible for any one of any age to ignore. The audience is pulled into the story with lifelike, graphic and virtual images projected on the larger-than-life building surface.

At Above Mapping, our professionals excel in the technology. They help you download and display dynamic relevant visuals that enthrall your audience and gives a distinctive edge to your brand or company.

You don’t need to spend hours setting up the equipment, or look for a flat surface for the screening. 3D projection mapping can be displayed like a movie clip on any surface, even blank spaces between two objects. Choose any image for the display – still or moving clips. Our professionals convert them into a fantasy land with out-of-the-box ideas that take the viewer’s imagination on a spectacular journey.

Imagine the delight of children captivated by gigantic images of a beaming Santa riding on a sleigh across the wall of your building, waving out, inviting them to wave back. You can add cartoons, graphics tumbling about, designs morphing into myriad images such as stars raining down from the skies onto a Christmas tree, lighting it up to reveal your products hanging from the branches, inviting the viewers into the store. Can any child, or parent for that matter, ignore such a powerful visual invitation? You can add sound effects, music and narration for a comprehensive experience that treats all the senses.

3D projection mapping projects sharp, high-quality motion pictures on one single surface. You can use it on a garage door or walls to entertain children at home, even the entire neighbourhood. Choose several different visuals and styles to keep your audience riveted. Personalize it as you please, adding your brand and logo for commercial displays.

Above Mapping – Leaders in 3D Projection Mapping Technology

Our team at Above Mapping excels in the latest 3D projection mapping technology, visual effects, motion graphics, 3D renderings, 3D animation and LED lighting. We have a team of expert professionals who are adept at executing high-quality, creative projections at tight deadlines for a breathtaking effect.

Our creative studio in Toronto can help you showcase innovative projections that brings Christmas alive in magical ways. We offer many other breathtaking technologies such as Augmented Reality to bring your ideas to life. Contact our team today to collaborate for a memorable Christmas before your competitors do.