Trade shows are a great way to gain more exposure for your business and connect with your loyal customers and clients in a face-to-face setting. With that being said, you are typically surrounded by hundreds of other booths vying for attention within the same building. This means it’s quite important for you to be able to stand out from the crowd so you can attract more visitors to your booth and, hopefully, conduct more business. This is where project mapping comes in.

What Is Project Mapping?
3D project mapping consists of 3D animated media, the media playback system, projection system and a surface on which to project your images on. There is almost nothing 3D project mapping can’t do. Any boring, old surface can be completely transformed into something that is dynamic and eye-catching. You can bring your own imagination and any concept to life using project mapping.

At a tradeshow you can utilize project mapping in many unique ways to create a display that is sure to catch the attention of everyone in the building. Oh, and you can be sure that they’ll take to sharing your display on social media channels.

There are so many applications for 3D project mapping for any type of booth set up you may have at a trade show. You may be able to turn off the overhead lighting in your booth so you can replace it with a 3D projection instead. Using it in this way, you could create a map or journey to take customers through in an immersive way.

Another example could be to use the projection mapping as an x-ray vision, for example, on the side of a boat to see the interior of the boat. Or to create a special presentation theatre that spreads to the sides and to the ceiling to create another immersive experience.

When using 3D project mapping, you need to take a few things into consideration. Your media can be projected onto virtually any surface, so ceilings, tables, booth headers, floors and walls. There are specific materials like mirrors or other reflective surfaces that might not work as well. You can use different textured surfaces like frosted Plexiglass to create interesting 3D effects, or rear-projections.

Besides trade shows, 3D project mapping has tonnes of other applications in an off-site marketing event. Any venue can be transformed into a projection surface both inside and outside. Usually events take place in the evening while it’s dark out, and this is the perfect opportunity for your project mapping to pop! Creating an immersive event experience will be one of the best things you do at your event, and will create a night to remember for your audience.

3D project mapping provides businesses with the flexibility to communicate your marketing message in a unique environment and in a unique way. All you need is your imagination and a great team of project mapping professionals like those found at Above Mapping. Contact Above Mapping today for all of your 3D project mapping needs.