Due to the advancements in all things modern technology and its impact on production companies and videography, the production of graphic images onto 3D surfaces of all sizes and shapes is here and it works! Whether it is on the side of a building or as part of a concert act, 3D projection mapping has the ability to transform a regular surface into something spectacular. Here is everything you need to know about the joys of projection mapping and how it can impact your viewing experience.

What is 3D Projection Mapping?

Using special technology to project images onto the surface of 3D objects, projection mapping can be used on the simplest or the most complex items. The surface itself does not need to be flat for the projection to be successful. In fact, the images are designed to wrap around the specific item and mould to its shape.

How Does it Work?

To make this work without distorting the projected image, some planning is required in the pre-production mapping stages. A 3D graphic model is made of the real-world surface that will be used before the projection image is wrapped around, simulating its future real-world application. The results are an image that looks to be painted onto a 3D surface.

The Benefits of 3D Mapping

So, why does everyone love 3D projection mapping? First off, it is an incredibly flexible tool that can be applied to virtually any surface. With its flexibility also comes the portability of this technology. You do not need to carry a large number of physical props, banners, or set pieces when they can all be saved on a single flash drive. Projection mapping opens up a world of possibilities as wide as your imagination, and without the need for a flat surface, nothing can stop you!

There is no better way to grab your audience’s attention than with the amazing effects that 3D projection mapping brings to the table. Nowadays, it is easy to be distracted from a variety of sources. However, the overall visual and/or audial experience that dynamic or interactive projection mapping carries seems to be enough to tear people from their devices to enjoy the show.

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