3D projection mapping can enhance shows through their content and provide viewers with an experience they will never forget through unique effects.

There are a number of ways to play with this aspect and different types of 3D projection mapping content are available. It is these different options that keep the content fresh, interesting and new for audiences because even though you may be using the same building to project on, the content can make it new every time you run the show.

The following are three different types of 3D projection mapping content:

Architectural mapping

This is one of the most sought after content for video projection mapping because of the unique experience it creates. The size of the building can create a larger than life effect and you will be able to experiment with more possibilities because of the large pixel sizes that are available. You will need content that is made specifically for such effects and elements like arches, windows and pillars can easily be highlighted. One of the reasons why this option is so popular is because you can change the face of a building simply by using the content. You can display a history of the building or take the audience to another world altogether and the possibilities are endless. Big buildings allow for mega shows and this is something your audience will love.

Object projection mapping

This type of projection mapping can be applied to products like cars, landscapes or any other object you want. You can choose to do a permanent mapping installation or use it for a one-time event and the idea is similar to architectural mapping; emphasize unique features through creative visuals to impress the audience. You need to pay a lot of attention to the details, however, because the surface area of projection is limited and the audience will be a lot closer to the object, so focus on the unique features of the product that you would like to highlight to bring attention to them.

Interior projection mapping

This is a very effective solution when you need to show your audience the interiors of a new real estate project, for example. You will be able to take them into a whole new world they have not seen before and if it is done correctly, the experience will be incredibly unique and one of a kind. It is essentially a form of virtual reality but done in a more organic way, so your audience will truly appreciate the experience.

Above Mapping can help with all of your 3D projection mapping needs. We offer dynamic projection mapping solutions and can help with the building process as well, so if you want to create an unforgettable and one of a kind show for your audience, give us a call today!