Projection mapping is increasingly sweeping the marketing world. The projection technology transforms large surfaces into display backdrops that serve as a stage to present augmented 3D projections. The technology provides limitless possibilities to create immersive experiences where the audience feels they are a part of the experience. It is one of the most versatile and flexible technologies that bring a lifelike dimension to the events. Also known as video mapping, there are various ways to use this technology.


Projection mapping is ideal for an immersive experience in an outdoor setting. For events, festive celebrations, store launches, even weddings, projection mapping software creates an illusion that can put up a magnificent show, blending the real world with the unreal.

Imagine looking at a brick and mortar store and the store transforms into a visual feast where the door swings open, taking you into each corner of the store, giving you glimpses of all the inventory in there, morphs into models strutting about in the brand’s fashion wear and gives you a glimpse of all the other stores across the world.

All of this will happen in front of you while you watch in awe. It’s hard to forget such a show or the brand that showcases it. You don’t need any props or physical sets, so there is no time wasted in putting things together or dismantling them. All you need is the backdrop and the software presenting the images. At the touch of a single button, the show can be started and stopped. Creativity is only limited by your imagination.


It is easy to create immersive 3D animation using projection mapping technology. Whether it’s a demo video for product launches or starting an event with an impactful presentation that leaves the viewers transfixed, immersive projection mapping can add a “wow” factor that goes beyond expectations. It’s a powerful way to create branding and convey messages. You can use the walls or the stage, even blank space between the two as a projection surface to create an experiential dining or engaging event.

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