Guerilla projection mapping, also known as out-of-home advertising and urban projections, is a method of advertising using brand projections onto buildings; a spectacle that many onlookers find fascinating, captivating, and at times edgy. It strikes an incredibly powerful and effective tone for advertising, with many passersby stopping to gawk and take pictures, spreading the advertising’s images through their social media feeds.

A version of guerilla projection mapping, interactive guerilla projection, is designed to provide an immersive experience alongside the striking visuals; this subset features interactive elements in real-time that help engage potential consumers. These interactive elements can range dynamic content feed displays using social media to consumers being able to play the newest video games on the side of a skyscraper. With the advances in technology and increased interest in interactivity across all forms of media, the possibilities have become truly endless.

The Advantages of Guerilla Projection Mapping
There’s a large variety of benefits to guerilla projection concerning increased awareness for advertising and other campaigns.

At a basic level, there are few advertising methods more effective than using guerilla projection to create “guerilla digital billboards.” Guerilla projection is much more effective for product promotion compared to basic TV or billboard advertising, as the method of projection is much more attention grabbing and can be done virtually anywhere there’s a building. It’s especially useful in high-traffic areas and even on landmarks that are frequented regularly.

Political campaigns, like those of Greenpeace, also find a benefit in guerilla mapping, as the massive projections onto buildings allow for any message to be seen and read loud and clear both visually and tonally. Film releases and creative art installation are yet more large-scale examples of the advantages behind guerilla mapping. As stated earlier, the possibilities are endless!

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